Innovation for special interest and niche audiences

The Digital Innovation Fund is a small project fund to support digital initiatives for niche audiences or small scale projects and app development. In 2017 we are transitioning to a new single strategy and platform neutral fund, the NZ Media Fund. The below relates to our existing funding processes until 1 July 2017.


The Digital Media Fund supports smart, innovative or experimental projects that make the most of the opportunities offered by the internet and digital media to reach different New Zealand audiences. The fund supports the creation of new NZ content, or the creative extension of existing NZ content, to be accessed through one or more digital channels.

Priority for the Innovation Fund is given to projects that target special interest audiences, in particular children and youth, ethnic and other minorities in the community, and Māori. For this fund it is crucial that you identify who your audience is, and have a clear plan of how to reach them.

In the past three years we have made around $200,000 available through the Ignite (now Innovation) fund and have supported various projects with funding up to $45,000 each. We receive a lot of applications and can support fewer than 10% of the ideas we receive - competition is tough!

UPDATE 19.1.17 - Unfortunately as most of our funds for digital projects are already committed and staff are very busy working on implementing the new processes for the NZ Media Fund there will not be an Innovation funding round in 2017. We realise this will be disappointing for many of you and we apologise.


Yours TV

September 2015

Yours TV

A magazine-format webseries featuring youth-oriented reports, interviews, reviews and competitions.

Little Legends

February 2015

Little Legends

A creative and wonderful story-building app for young NZers.

Loading Docs

May 2014

Loading Docs

A platform for local documentary makers to promote their creativity and talent through short form documentary.


March 2014

Nia's Extra Ordinary Life

A children's webseries that follows the adventures of Nia, a 10 year old girl living an Extra ordinary life.

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