We make diverse NZ content available through multiple channels for audiences to discover, enjoy and value.

Our digital funding is focussed on specific audiences and multiple channels. We want to make it easier for audiences to find content they enjoy. In 2017 we are transitioning to a new single strategy and platform neutral fund, the NZ Media Fund. The below relates to our existing funding processes until 1 July 2017.

Interactive Fund

A fund for innovative, interactive content and applications, including web and mobile applications, software, games, transmedia and multi-platform projects.

Digital Innovation Fund

A small project fund to support digital initiatives for niche audiences or small scale projects and app development.

Webseries Fund

A fund for creative new online series.

General Digital

Digital media projects and platforms that fill a gap in the local content landscape and that meet specific audience needs.

Canada-NZ Digital Fund

A co-production fund for innovative, interactive digital media projects made by Canadian and NZ producers.

Digital Strategy

Digital technologies mean we can view, exchange and experience local content in new ways. Our digital strategy aims to deliver a rich experience to audiences accessing content on any platform.

Our over-arching goal for digital media is supported by three strategic goals:

Multiple channels for funded content

All content funded by NZ On Air must play on at least two channels to maximise value. This goal is largely met by programmes screening on broadcast television as well as being available via the broadcaster’s on-demand site. Or on the radio and also available as podcasts.

In a fast-evolving media world online rights are an important issue. We have facilitated a discussion about online rights seeking a balance between the broadcaster, the creators and the taxpayer, to ensure ongoing access to publicly funded material. In 2014 we published Guidelines as a result.

Making it easier to find content

NZ On Air supports a number of carefully-selected online platforms to broaden the reach of local content. Each of these platforms provide access to past and current television, music and radio content.

Providing content for targeted audiences

The Digital Media Fund supports smart, innovative or experimental projects that make the most of opportunities offered by the internet and digital media to reach different New Zealand audiences. The fund supports the creation of new local content, or the creative extension of existing material, to be accessed through one or more digital channels.


The Digital Strategy was updated in 2012 to reflect the changing digital environment and its impacts on our work.

From 1 July 2017 this strategy is superceded by the new single funding strategy and platform neutral NZ Media Fund.