Q and A - Children's EOI

Questions and Answers relating to the Expression of Interest for Children's Media

These are the questions and answers relating to the Expression of Interest for an online children's media solution. 

Any questions seeking clarification of the brief and submission requirements must be emailed to Head of Digital Brenda Leeuwenberg by 11 April. 

So that all submitters have access to the same information all questions and answers, and any further clarification of the EOI, will be posted here on 15 April at midday.

Q: Is this opportunity suitable for XYZ digital agency, or only media companies?

A: It could be anyone, however we are ideally not looking to create or build a new system - it’s more for the curation, aggregation and management of content. So unlikely to be suitable for XYZ digital agency unless you’re in the ‘running a channel’ business with an existing strong pathway to the audience.

Q: I make XYZ programme and am working on a site/app to make it available, would this EOI apply to me?

A: We are looking more for an aggregator of a range of content, ideally with existing or planned connection to the target audience. Smaller stand-alone solutions are unlikely to be successful.

Q: What is the funding to cover exactly?

A: That is up to you and the requirements you'll have for the solution you're going to propose. However we are not likely to be interested in funding the development of new platforms or sites. We will prioritise funding for the collation, curation and management of children's content onto an existing platform or site. Potentially some adaptation for an existing platform will be required and we could contribute to that.

Q: Will our submission be public, how do we secure confidential information?

A: Please identify in your proposal any confidential information which you consider is confidential. Your submission will not be published by NZ On Air, but we do publish all funding decisions (including the name of the recipient, the amount of funding received and the nature of the funding). NZ On Air is subject to the Official Information Act (OIA) and we may be required to disclose your submission under the OIA, including disclosing your confidential information. If NZ On Air received a request for your confidential information under the OIA we would consult with you before making any decision about the release of the information. Other than as required by law, confidential information will not be made available by NZ On Air.

Q: Can we present our submission?

A: We will contact all applicants once we have had a chance to consider the responses and the best next steps. We may request a presentation or meeting if needed.