NZ On Air creates a space for local content — on radio, television and online

We are an independent government funding agency. Our mission is to champion local content that engages, stimulates, and satisfies intended audiences.

Our functions are set out in the Broadcasting Act.

We aim to get diverse local content onto a multitude of platforms so that intended audiences can watch, hear and share local content and songs. How we do this is explained in our Strategic Framework. In 2017 we are transitioning to a new single strategy and platform neutral fund, the NZ Media Fund.

Since NZ On Air was formed in 1989 we have contributed to a significant increase in local music on our airwaves — from just 2% to a peak of around 20% and around 17% now. Access radio stations we fund throughout the country broadcast programmes in more than 40 languages, and we support some of the best public radio broadcasting in the world through Radio New Zealand.

Since 1989 local content on television has climbed from 2,000 hours to over 13,000 hours. NZ On Air funds the content that is too expensive or too risky for New Zealand's small market to support alone.

We fund diverse local content on television and online — we try to provide something for everyone. On television we balance mainstream and special interest programmes, and online we cater to audiences not well-served by mainstream media.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Diverse, relevant local content — New Zealand on air.

Our Mission

To champion local content that engages, stimulates, and satisfies intended audiences.


Diversity/Ngā Rerenga

Promoting difference and competition to support the best ideas for the widest range of New Zealanders

Innovation/Wairua Auaha

Encouraging new ideas, creativity and quality production standards

Skillful Investment/Hunga Motuhake 

Making sure cost-effective projects are enjoyed by significant numbers of the intended audiences

We add diversity and choice to the content available to New Zealand audiences.

NZ On Air is governed by an independent Board of six members appointed by the Minister of Broadcasting. The Board meets several times a year.

We have a small, specialist team with responsibilities based around our investment work.

These are our current primary accountability documents.

Annual Report 2015-2016

Please click on the link above to experience our online interactive Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2016.

You can also download a complete PDF of the report below, or download the report in 4 sections from the online report homepage.

We try to be as transparent as possible and publish a lot of information about what we do here on this site. If you can't find what you want to know you can file an Official Information Act request.