NZ On Air invests in New Zealanders’ stories and songs

A government broadcast funding agency - we invest in diverse local television, radio, music and digital media for New Zealand audiences.

Putting New Zealanders in the picture — our stories and people on television

We invest more than $80 million a year in local television programmes on mainstream and regional free-to-air channels. It's so that you can see more, and a wider variety of, local content.

Bringing an extensive range of New Zealand voices to the airwaves

Our funding of Public radio, Access radio, Pacific radio and spoken radio programmes for multiple platforms ensures a voice for all New Zealanders on the airwaves. Supporting Community broadcasting is an important part of our overall strategy.

Championing New Zealand music — on radio, on television, and online

Our music mission is to get more New Zealand music played on the radio, on television and online. We fund songs and videos for broadcast and we help to promote them.

Digital media content reaching audiences wherever they are

Digital technologies provide new opportunities for viewing and sharing content. We support diverse projects and fund platforms to support content discovery.